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 [Parody] The story of KidKaufka

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[Parody] The story of KidKaufka Empty
PostSubject: [Parody] The story of KidKaufka   [Parody] The story of KidKaufka EmptyWed Mar 28, 2012 11:10 am

A long time ago (probably not too long) the world changed.
A hero kid was born bored and started to play unleash hell on math contests tyrant tournaments. As time passed, he fought in countless 43 tournaments and succeeded like Freeze nobody else ! He's uncomparable with his skill. Only few reached this stage ! Okay.. less than 5.000 ! He still rocks !
Collecting important things like friends Apollo and fame Hades, his journey goes on forever. With some toilet breaks. And some sleep is allowed as well i guess.. Still, he remains a fluffy teddybear beast !
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[Parody] The story of KidKaufka
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