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 [Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords

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[Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords Empty
PostSubject: [Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords   [Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 2:10 am

This post is there to enlighten everyone about the situation according to the war mentioned in the topic.

Looking for a new war, CatSafe and me were checking the Faction Tracker Spredsheet. ( Click Me ! )
Tired as we were, we didn't pay too much attention and accidently declared war on a stronger faction. As time had shown, we have a lot of friends within that faction, so we quite regret that decision now. I have heard that this incident seems to be a big deal for Exploding Wailords, so i will excuse in the name of the whole faction.
For those who have an eye on our faction history:

[Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords 6966720741_d1e31bb33d_z

As you can see, we could've won this war, so there is no need for shame !
Anyway, i will talk to their leader and try to work this out. For now, we will just give them the victory as a sign of apologize.
Since this seems to be a serious topic for them, i will also listen to their demands. I have seen the topic that the officer who started the war should be demoted.
For those who share this thought, i have to say that there is no way this could ever happen.
Mistakes happen, we're all just human. CatSafe is one of the most - if not THE most - dedicated member of this faction.
I highly respect him, his mentality and his actions. So if Exploding Wailords demand his demotion, i will refuse with everything i am standing for.
I rather have the whole world against us, than giving up on an officer like him.

So for now, we will wait how this all turns out. Thanks for your attention.

- Freeze
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[Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords   [Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 2:28 am

In my opinion it's better to lose a few faction points than a valuable ally. So I agree in letting them win. As I have said in the faction chat, a new thread which lists the allied factions would be great. Just my 2 cents here. Smile
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[Important] FuriosAtrocity Vs. Exploding Wailords
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